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There are 3 types of NFT's to start with:
  • Legend NFTs: They are are custom made by a premier animation company that celebrate the spectacular history of the world's largest cinema market.
  • Hero NFTs: HERO NFTs are 10,000 unique programmatically generative NFTs with their own incentive and rewards.
  • Celeb NFTs: They are collaboration with real Bollywood artists & Influencers from time to time with rewards, incentives and participation rights for Legend and Hero NFT holders.

You can visit bollyheroes.com and follows the steps given here: https://bollyheroesofficial.medium.com/?p=96e04dc9178

We have a team of internal testers assigned to test platform which not only help us improve flaws but also improve the product. Also, we have external certified auditor assigned to audit the whole process & contract.

The ownership of your purchased NFT is confirmed on https://opensea.io/collection/bolly- legends

You can fill out a request for support via email here. Please provide:
  • Your email address
  • Your wallet address (if applicable)
  • Choose relevant categories
  • Provide detailed information regarding your inquiry.

Legend NFTs offer exclusive rewards with 10% revenue share for lifetime. Hero NFTs give 2.5% share for the lifetime. Celeb NFTs are REAL NFTs are made by and launched by celebs from around the world.

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