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Technical Project Manager

Bolly Heros

Position: Technical Project Manager
Experience: 6+ years
No. of position: 1


  • Determine and establish the scope and objectives of the project
  • Predict the resources required to meet objectives and manage them effectively and efficiently
  • Prepare a budget based on the scale of the project and the resources required
  • Keep track of project expenditures to stay inside budget
  • Create a clear project timeline and work plan and manage it
  • Provide regular updates to various stakeholders on the project's strategy, changes, and progress
  • Assign duties to vendors and suppliers and communicate expected deliverables to manage contracts
  • Throughout the project's execution, apply industry best practises, methodologies, and standards
  • Keep an eye on things and make modifications as needed
  • To find opportunities for improvement, evaluate the project's performance

Project Manager Skills

  • Communication skills should be excellent
  • Leadership characteristics are required
  • Within the team, you must be able to supply organising skills
  • Must be able to lead any group
  • Ability to manage time is required
  • With continuing initiatives, the ability to control any risk
  • Problem-solving skills are required
  • Is capable of managing a project's budget
  • Intelligent in terms of blockchain technology
  • Reporting and interpersonal ability
  • Is experienced with project management techniques
  • Experience in related roles is required