Building Bollyverse: A Parallel Bollywood World

Talking about us, BollyHeroes is a limited edition NFT collection from a parallel Bollywood Heroes dimension called Bollyverse. In a nutshell, the project is destined to become the worlds’ first community driven NFT based platform where your NFTs will be the stars of their own movies, animated series, games and a whole lot more.

How are we different?

  • Experienced Team

    The team is highly experienced in developing, executing and making them a successful blockchain project.
  • First in Industry

    We are proud to be the world’s first community driven NFT based platform. The uniqueness of the concept and idea makes us more trustworthy.
  • Long Term Roadmap

    The team has a long term plan and vision with the project. Bolly Babies, Bolly Stories, merchandise store are some of the lined up concepts in the roadmap.
  • Funding & Investment

    The team is backed by big names and VCs of media and film industry. This not only boosts the monetary aspect of the project but brings the trust among the NFT holders and community.


The platform aspires to become an exclusive NFT community that get to decide what movies, tv series, animated series get made. Hence, community is the key driving factor behind the project.


The team is working round the clock to build Bolly Heroes as an NFT project with all the classic features of a successful project, with a pinch of real world vision with better revenue streams.

Our Team